Time To Invest In Some Expert Advice

Your investment choices are as individual as you are and we understand that wherever you are in life, your financial position and how you feel about risk is crucial to making a sound investment decision. We will provide you with comprehensive investment advice and services and take the time to fully understand your financial requirements, by offering a full range of investment strategies, suitable for cautious through to adventurous investors, as well as for those seeking income or growth, or a combination of the two.

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Fund Choices Made Easier

Funds are a bit like a pick 'n' mix sweet bag, there is something for everyone. When looking around, you will notice that funds are often listed according to:

The country or continent they invest in
The class of investments they make
How they are managed

The abundance of choice may appear overwhelming but by breaking the different types of funds down, it becomes easier.



Managed Funds

The investment companies, on behalf of a number of investors, manage these funds. Managed funds invest in a combination of assets from different regions. There are limits on how much of the fund can be made up with shares. There are three types of managed funds

  • cautious
  • balanced
  • active

Cautious managed funds will invest about half your money in shares and the rest in fixed interest investments to minimise risk. Active managed portfolios, in comparison, can have up to 100% invested in equities, providing they have at least 10% invested in non-UK stocks and shares.

Asset Based Funds

Asset based funds focus on a particular type of asset, such as technology, financial services or healthcare. Specific geographical regions, such as UK Corporate Bond Fund or Global Property Fund, may provide further focus.

Geography Based Funds

Geography based funds invest mainly in investments from a specific country or region. These can be named areas such as Northern America, Japan and the UK. There are also relative regions such as Emerging Europe which would indicate countries such as Turkey. Some geographically based funds carry a high risk and it is vital to seek advice about these prior to investing.

Tracker Funds

Tracker funds are designed to match performance, good or bad, or a particular index such as the FTSE 100. Because investments are based on the index and not the individual choices made by a fund manager, trackers are cheaper to run than managed funds, therefore charges are less.

Ethical Funds

Designed for investors that want to have a clear conscience. Ethical funds invest in companies because of their moral or ethical stance towards factors such as animal testing and the environment



Which Funds To Invest In?

When faced with so many fund choices, how do you even begin to pick a winner? After deciding what sort of risks you are prepared to take with your money, you need to grasp exactly which circles you could be moving in. Most funds fit into standard categories, this helps when we are working together to narrow down the search and select a fund that compliments your personal investment objectives.

Income or Growth?

Most funds offer the option of paying out income to you or reinvesting it back into the fund for growth, unless they are specifically designed for income or growth.

Collective Funds

It is usual to invest in more than one fund to achieve a good spread of different investments, this helps reduce risk because you are invested in more than one area. It is important to look at each fund in isolation and the breakdown of investments, before making comparisons.