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The origins of Douglas Steers & Company go back to February 1987, David Steers was working as a consultant for brokers G.H. Iverson & Company, which in turn lead to the partnership known as Hill Steers Independent Financial Management being set up in 1990, although emerged as Douglas Steers & Company in 1994 and has continued to advise and trade as Douglas Steers & Company for 25 years.

Our speciality is Pension-Related Investments, in particular reviewing existing arrangements ultimately leading towards Drawdown. Our very first Drawdown arrangement that we advised on was back in 1995, in those days the rules regarding Drawdown were different and more restrictive, however the gentleman involved with that arrangement still has that contract in place and remains one of our most valued clients.

Over the years business has changed, back in the early 90’s we provided a full range of services but slowly have specialised more and more, now Pension Drawdown and Collective Investments being our speciality.

We have a tight knit group of ten in our team and our longest serving member of staff has been with the company for 23 years.

We value stability in our business and our dealings with all our clients as a priority.

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Seamless Planning

At Douglas Steers we pride ourselves on providing only the very best advice and planning services for successful individuals, who wish to make the most of their finances.

We are independent which means we work for our clients' interests, allowing us to act throughout the whole of market.

We take a personalised, bigger picture approach, ensuring we are able to accurately understand your lifestyle, your objectives, values, aspirations and any concerns you may have.

We work closely with you to develop a bespoke service catered to your needs, incorporating all aspects of your lifestyle  and ultimately achieving your financial goals.

Offering a wealth of in-house industry experience spanning over 30 years, with Douglas Steers & Company you can relax content in the knowledge that your finances are organised, enabling your money to work hardest for you.